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Bob Reynolds
Robert (Bob) Reynolds, WWII pilot, founded Valor Tours, Ltd. more than 30 years ago to be a resource for veterans, their families, military service organizations, unit associations, reunion groups, historical societies and government institutions with an interest in the Pacific and Europe wartime theaters.

Valor Tours, Ltd. was a consultant to the Pentagon's WWII 50th Anniversary Committee. Today, tour participants are largely veterans' sons, daughters, grandchildren and the general public, especially WWII history buffs, seeking a meaningful focus for their vacation travels.

Vicky Middagh Vicky Reynolds-Middagh took over as President of Valor Tours, Ltd. when Bob Reynolds retired in 2004. Up until then, she served as Operations Manager from the time Valor Tours, Ltd. was incorporated in 1977.

Valor Tours, Ltd. enjoys an enviable reputation through the Pacific and Europe for their knowledge and experience in planning tours for WWII Veterans organizations as well as for assisting them with historic markers and memorials numbering in excess of fifty-six to date including the American Memorial on Guadalcanal, American POW Memorial at Cabanatuan, and American POW Memorial at Subic Bay.

Valor Tours, Ltd. has been leading authoritative tours to destinations of military historic interest for over thirty years. As well as going to key European battle sites in the company of WWII Veterans, we have visited every significant island battle site in the Pacific. Now, as age catches up with the Veterans, our traveling companions are drawn from a younger generation of history buffs and family members of Veterans anxious to see the places their fathers and grandfathers made famous. Many of the actual relics of battle remain to this day, the beached hulks of landing craft, the concrete gun emplacements, and the bullet-pitted strong points. On these tours we rekindle and honor the courageous exploits of America's fighting men and women who went off to war more than a half-century ago.

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We are happy to continue our Early Booking Discount policy whereas Valor Tours ltd. will discount the main tour cost by 5% if application and required deposit are received six months or more prior to commencement of tour. Does not apply to single supplements, air upgrades, deviations or extensions. Valor Tours is also happy to continue our 10% discount off the main tour cost if full payment less 10% is received with application six months or more prior to commencement of tour. Not applicable on single supplements, air upgrades, deviations or extensions. Both discount policies are not applicable on cruises, Normandy Independent Package, tours in cooperation with other tour companies, or privately set up tours, i.e. 173rd AB, Colleges, CDSG, etc.

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Bob Reynolds meets up with Henry Bodden in Normandy while both were escorting groups for Valor, 2012. This was Mr. Reynolds's last tour before retiring from Valor Tours. He now lives in Austin, Texas with wife Betty.

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Year Round

For the fourth year in a row, we are offering this year round independent package for travelers who have already made their arrangements to Europe and want to take a few days to see Normandy. Based on Bed 'n' Breakfast accommodations, private car and guide.

2 nights/1 day $995
3 nights/2 days $1,595
4 nights/3 days $2,215
5 nights/4 days $2,875

Cost based on one or two persons. Third person sharing room slightly higher rate.

Subject to availability. 20% deposit required to hold space. Great for families.
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Valor Tours, Ltd. BBB Business Review



1994- Department of Defense, WWII Commemoration Committee, Commemorative Community Award

1989- Western States Chapters, American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor

1990 - Robert Reynolds, Certificate of Authenticity, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Order of the Day for D-Day, June 6, 1944

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1988 Travel People Cover

"Reunion for Peace" Award (PATA)
to Robert Reynolds

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  • Prof. Anderson Giles has deep family ties to WWII in the Pacific. His father, a 4th Division Marine, and his uncle, a 67th Seabee, served in major campaigns. Andy has done close to 30 years of documentary and research work in the Pacific. He has lead many battlefield tours, lectured on Pacific Theater cruises, presented at a number of notable commemorative seminars, written and directed 2 major documentary films, and has appeared in a number of other films. He has contributed to a number of books and archeological research publications and has been chosen to do WWII painting commissions.

  • Bill Altaffer, is a travel writer, photographer and participant on many Valor Tours trips. Bill is a member of The Adventurers Club of L.A. and the "World's Most Traveled Man" for 2005-10.
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  • Henry Bodden is the author of "In the Footsteps of Valor" honoring "the greatest generation", - a photographic diary of his travels to the battlesites of Europe and the Pacific on his own and with Valor Tours, with historic facts and an array of before and after images.
    Valor Tours Ltd. is happy to announce that Henry Bodden will be the tour leader for the D-Day and Battle of the Bulge tours this June.

    Henry Bodden just released this book about his journeys. In the Footsteps of Valor by Henry Bodden is a brand new 220-page hardback with a personal pictorial diary consisting of trips to Holland, Israel, Jordan, Europe, the Philippines, Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Guam and Iwo Jima. Using WWII photos from the National Archives and other sources as "then" photos, author Henry Bodden would then find these sites and photograph them as "now" photos for comparison. This book is available by calling Henry Bodden at 918-376-9417 or emailing him at or go to his website: Cost of the book is $34.95 including shipping and handling.

  • Dennis Covert, U.S. Navy Vietnam Veteran, served two years aboard the heavy cruiser USS SAINT PAUL, Dennis has appeared on both the History Channel and A&E channel as a naval historian. He has traveled extensively throughout the Pacific to Guadalcanal, Gizo, Tarawa, Butaritari, Iwo Jima, Pohnpei and Guam, as well as European and Russian battlefields as a civilian, and to Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines while in the Navy.

  • George Cressman is a docent at the Camp Blanding Museum in Starke, Florida where he also works on artifact documentation. He has designed and escorted many tours to the European Theater of WWII and gives regular presentations on WWII history here in the U.S.

  • Col. John H. Dewing, Aus Ret., served one tour of duty with the 864th Engineer Battalion at Nha Trang (Vietnam) and one tour with the Americal Division at Chu Lai. He participated in Lam Son 719, the US supported RVN invasion of Laos and spent several months along the DMZ. Awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Air Medal and Combat Inf. Badge. John has participated in and escorted our "Return to Vietnam" tour two years in a row.

  • Frank de Planta is a retired infantry Lieutenant Colonel from the British Army, specialises in the southern Italian battlefields of Salerno, Cassino and Anzio.

  • Steve Hamilton (pictured here in Libya) lives in England and has been exploring the battlefields of North Africa by himself and escorting groups for decades, having completed over 100 tours to the desert. He is an expert on the WWII campaign on Sicily as well as North Africa. His Grandfather served with the 50th Royal Tank Regiment for which he is the unofficial historian (23rd Armoured Brigade), writing their history in 1996.

  • Michael Hanlon, commentator on the History Channel and website editor for the Great War Society.

  • John Innes, a major force in the preservation and study of Guadalcanal history, working to identify wreck sites, on MIA cases and creator of Battle of Guadalcanal website, as well as being one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on the subject of Guadalcanal WWII history and land battles today. He is also author of the guide books to the Battlefields of Guadalcanal and the Solomons.

  • Martin KingMartin King, has escorted some our European tour groups and individuals, has worked for NATO, the US military, The History Channel and various veterans' organizations.
    Click here to view Martin's video.
    Watch Martin on Voices of the Bulge.

  • Bob Kozlowski, is a Financial Advisor in the Phoenix Arizona area with over 40 years experience. Originally from Chicago, he attended Arizona State University and has an BS and MBA. Bob is a Lifetime Member of the ASU Alumni Association. An avid history buff, he has been a war-strategy gamer since he was 11 years old. Bob has spent the last 20 years traveling throughout Europe. His living motto is "always in search of the truth."

  • Steve KweicinskiSteve Kwiecinski, whose father survived Bataan, Corregidor, and being a POW of the Japanese for 39 months, lived on Corregidor with his wife Marcia for six and a half years. His book HONOR, COURAGE, FAITH: A Corregidor Story, is available in paperback in the Philippines and as a Kindle eBook on Amazon. Steve and Marcia have hosted many group and private tours for Valor Tours.

  • Jack Letscher , is a former U.S. Marine who has lived on Okinawa since 1986. He began his independent study of the Battle of Okinawa in 1999 and has been associated with Valor Tours as a guide since 2007. Jack enjoys the challenge of locating forgotten Okinawa battle sites, many altered unnoticeable during rapid modernization of the island.

  • Bruce PettyBruce M. Petty, lived on Saipan and is author of four books on the Pacific campaign.

  • John Shively is a retired physician who has studied the Pacific War for seventeen years. He is a world traveller, amateur historian, and author. He joined the Valor Tours family as a tourist in 2003 when he went on his first Ghost Soldier tour. Since then he has travelled with Valor Tours to nearly every island battlefield in the Pacific. In 2010 he began escorting tours to the Pacific. He regularly works alongside John Innes to Guadalcanal, but also has taken groups to Okinawa and Tarawa. He is the author of The Last Lieutenant (Iwo Jima) and Profiles in Survival (Philippines). His father-in-law, Malcolm Amos, was a survivor of the Bataan Death March. He met his wife, Blythe, in Manila on tour in 2006. When he is not studying the war or travelling, he Participants in triathlons all over the country.

  • Glen Williford of the Coastal Defense Study Group, author of his most recent book, AMERICAN BREECHLOADING MOBILE ARTILLERY 1875-1953 and "Racing the Sunrise: Reinforcing America's Pacific Outposts, 1941-1942" and "Defenses of Pearl Harbor and Oahu 1907-50". Glen has led tours to the Philippines, Guam and the Marianas, Guadalcanal, Hawaii, and Peleliu.


Many travelers have experienced not only WWII first hand but conflicts in more recent years.

An increasing number are not only WWII Veterans' sons and daughters, but their grandchildren, relatives and friends.

History Buffs are high among the ranks of participants. Some authors have completed their books after traveling with us.


"Your company is so important in preserving our military history and in giving interested persons, old and young, the opportunity to visit the battlefields. Thank you for all you do." Wendall and Jean Clift (numerous tours)

"...tour exceeded expectations. You care about your patrons." Bob Sumner (Philippine tour)

"Unbelievable powerful trip...excellent lectures." Michael C. Hill (Pacific battle sites cruise)

"...nothing but high praise for Valor Tours...thanks!" Ed Borgen (D-Day tour)

"...Bob's knowledge and expertise...grand to say the least." Ray Marsh (Pacific battle sites cruise)

"Thank you for the tour we will always remember." Jim & Nelrose Grant (D-Day tour)

"Great tour. Impressed by bright, friendly Philippine people." John Sledge, Jr. (Philippine tour)

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Valor Tours schedules its itineraries to destinations that pose no overt threat to the traveler. We fly on scheduled airlines with fine safety records, and use trusted ground operators for our private land transportation. If conditions should change at a scheduled destination we do not hesitate to postpone or cancel the tour. To this end, we monitor U.S. State Department warnings and travel alerts, stay in close contact with our overseas agents and associates, and apply our own knowledge of an area gained as America's oldest and most experienced battlesite tour operator. The well-being of our tour participants has been a primary consideration for Valor Tours, Ltd. for the past 30 years. We shall remain vigilant at this time of heightened safety awareness.

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